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Introduction to Bushcraft

Basic survival skills in a woodland environment forgotten in our busy lives:

  • lighting fire in adverse conditions,

  • building a shelter,

  • foraging, 

  • carving our own tools, 

  • etc.


People living in urban areas are increasingly appreciating the need to reconnect with Nature.

Exploring these extreme skills in one of our Bushcraft Introductions not only will build your confidence but also give a new dimension to reflecting on sustainable living.


 4 hours workshop.


This workshop is delivered in small groups up to 5 participants who will also have the opportunity to work cooperatively building team skills.


Location will be disclosed near workshop date.


Express your interest  for our next Introduction to Bushcraft.

Making bug hotel in the woods with a bow saw, whittling and hollowing elder tree sticks
Tools Workshop

Designed to give participants a progressive use of Forest School tools such as knives, bow saw, billhook, axe, electric and hand drill, hammer, etc. following Health & Safety recommended guidelines making objects from natural resources.


2 hours session. 


All tools provided.


Book a space in the next Tools Workshop.


Consult us on a Children’s Tool Workshop.


Families cooking in an open fire
Fire making &
Outdoor cooking
foraging conscientiously

These sessions have a Forest School context but specifically look into learning to light a fire and build a fire site, the regulations and safe practice of building fire in a urban context all rewarded by a delicious healthy meal and hot drinks.


These sessions can be tailored as programs.


2 hours sessions.


All ages welcomed.


Book our next Fire Making / Outdoor Cooking Workshop.

This workshop gives an introduction on identifying common wild plants we often pass by without noticing and gives an idea on how to start using them to complement our nutrition and immune systems keeping in mind a responsible sustainable practice.


The workshop will be carried out outdoors in a urban location.


Contact us about the next Foraging workshop.

Read about our last Introduction to Wild Edibles workshop.

See our last "Three uses of Nettles (and plantain)" workshop

image_6483441 (2).JPG
Forest School Full Day experience

These sessions give children 6-14 years old the oportunity to experience the skills, activities and benefits of Forest School by spending a full day immersed in the woods, usually 10-4pm. 

Activities include bushcraft skills such as fire lighting, safe use of a variety of tools, Confidence in Nature and cooperative games, wildlife identification and care, working individually and in teams.

Look up for these Forest School full days during Half terms, early and late summer (late July, late August or early September) 


Spaces are limited; book your space in advance. 


Book our next available Forest School Full Day Workshops.

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