Sankofa to Nature Earthday Parties


Outdoor party!


In Forest School we use the naturally perfect environment to gain independence in a challenging unknown territory, promote positive feelings, exercise nature conservation, preserving and strengthening good health and wellbeing.


But also……we have fun with the endless natural resources and the highly engaging activities we offer:      


The Activities


 “Confidence in Nature” Games


Guests will explore the woods, open and be aware of their senses, practice physical skills and experience a well being feeling in a natural environment whilst having fun with highly engaging tasks respecting boundaries.



 Using Tools


Wood whittling to make simple objects, with slight variations of tools and techniques according to participant’s skill levels.



 Using fire safely


Guests will be introduced to the basic principles of fire making, building a fire site and how to use fire safely through cooperative activities.


Outdoor cooking


All guests will participate in the preparation of a light refreshment using forest school equipment, outdoor techniques, which may include the use of fire.




Come to Sankofa to Nature proposed location in South London.

Take Sankofa to Nature Earthday Party to your location: Forest School activities will require a woodland environment or outdoor area.


Note: Birthday Party for up to 15 children.


Consult us on what you have in mind.


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