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 Sankofa to Nature provides advise, support, handy work and general help planning and executing outdoor spaces which are beneficial for physical & mental health, for nutrition and learning.

 We also provide advise on tailor made outdoor educational plans (or curriculums) for families, educational institutions and teachers.

Consultancy and designs includes a comprehensive follow up through your journey to the outdoors!

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Designing Educational Outdoors


Big or small any outdoor space can cater for your welbeing and educational needs if thoughtfully designed.

Sankofa to Nature team counts with the experience of providing outdoor services in multiple spaces and the skills to materialise them, using natural and/or reused materials, preferably local sourced and organic. 

We work with small and medium scale projects and can advise and get you in touch with other professionals working in larger scale or specialised equipment.

The service, after a free initial consultation, can include plans, graphics of details, images, some materials such as plants, seeds, sourcing of reused wood, installation and follow up (for some projects we might be able to provide maintenance on a regular basis).

Outdoor classrooms:

We develop engaging and versatile areas to be used for a diverse range of activities, from regular academic activities to gardening and all of the Forest School skills.


Family play and relax areas:

These are gardens -or sections in them, where the family meets to engage in games, activities and spend time in fresh air without living the house. 


kitchen/permaculture gardens:

Even in a small space we can help you to plan and develop a garden that provides you with edible and medicinal plants and herbs which are both beautiful and productive all year round, while learning and experimenting. We also provide information and resources on how to process your produce.


mud kitchens:

To be used by the younger ones, a mud kitchen is a wonder of learning and experiencing the world through the senses and use of imagination. This equipment is tailor made with natural and/or reused materials.


Early Years Foundation outdoor settings: 

Development of community areas, outdoor artwork and features, Wildlife areas, outdoor meeting spaces. We also provide resources and materials to help teachers in their outdoor activities. See catalogue here.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Advise on Outdoor Education

With many years of experience working with schools and families Sankofa to Nature has developed workshops to assist educators (teachers, childminders, facilitators and parents alike) on making the most of the opportunity to teach outdoors: in the outdoors and about the outdoors.  

One of the basic concepts we help you to establish -usually misunerstood is the value and effective provision of a child led experience and how this can improve not only the participant's confidence and self esteem but also improved, healthier behaviour and overall empowerment towards learning. 

We also offer consultations and reviews of outdoor curriculums, outdoor safety advise, how to utilise the existing outdoor spaces and how to improve them. We can help giving advise to rise your standars by incorporating outdoor education in your institution preparing for inspection. 

See more about Sankofa to Nature's tailor made Inset Days, Skills Days and Forest School Refresher days Workshops here.

Find here a catalogue of Forest School Resources & Materials to support your outdoor education.


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