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We offer one off Forest School session, where teachers and pupils have a taste of how Forest School can support their pupils learning.


This service is specially designed for private or public schools, nurseries, Children’s centres and other educational institutions. They involve the participation of teacher and teacher’s assistants or institution staff competent in Child Development.


In Forest School we have many more opportunities than in a classroom or indoors to practice these principles: overcome fears and work to gain independence in a challenging environment, work collectively, promote positive feelings in a peaceful set up improving behaviour, to have fun with the endless natural resources and to exercise responsibility by awareness of nature conservation.

Schools, Nurseries and Children's Centre sessions


Early Years:


Some of the more important objectives of Forest School are raising self-esteem and catering for different learning styles.


For children under five is really important to reach positive feelings for them to be able and willing to learn.


Forest School activities are linked and developed according to the Early Years National Curriculum: 

Understanding of the World (UW), 

Physical Development (PD),

Numeracy (NUM), 

Literacy (LIT), 

Personal, social and emotional development (PSED), Communication & Language (CL) 

and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).


Key stages 1 & 2:


All activities are closely linked to the National Curriculum and designed to support children’s learning in all Core and Foundation Subjects. Educational sessions in Nature and Forest School in particular are well documented to greatly influence children’s positive behaviour, especially those in primary school age.


Contact Us to book or enquire about a Forest School session for your Institution.

Other Forest School sessions for Schools, Nurseries, Children’s Centres and other Educational Institutions:

Inset, Skills & Refresher Days worksops

All the following sessions are delivered by fully qualified Level 3 Btec Forest School Leader/s. 

educators making log medallion

3-5 hours session offered to schools, nurseries and other institutions’ staff.


They’ll be focused in giving your team the fundamentals of Forest School

in a context of the Early Years Foundation and Key Stages 1 & 2 of the National Curriculum.


Contact us to Book or enquire about a Skills Day 

Forest School leader addressing children before starting activity with tools


These are yearly/twice a year team building sessions where school staff will use the principles of Forest School to build their own confidence to promote outdoor activities in their settings. 


3-5 hours sessions. 



Contact us to Book or enquire about an Inset Day for your Institution.




These are sessions aimed for those Forest School professionals and enthusiasts of outdoor learning who haven’t been practicing their skills and need to restore their confidence in the trade. 


2 hours session. 


These groups commonly include 6 participants per session. 


Contact us to Book or enquire about a Refresher 


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