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Sankofa to Nature

After School Club


Forest School After School Clubs are 6-weeks programs for children of primary school age, 2 hours weekly.


The groups are up to 15 children for them to have the opportunity to have one to one attention and enjoy group activities.


Children are gradually introduced to bushcraft skills such as safely building fires, using tools and also gardening, nature exploration, natural arts & crafts and outdoor cooking.

Warm up activities include creative, cooperative Confidence in Nature Games.


Leader and Assistants are fully qualified with Level 3 BTec in Forest School and have an extensive background in Child Development.


South London location


Days and time:          Tuesdays



BOOK our next available 6 weeks Forest School After School Club. 


For those families who Home Educate their children Sankofa to Nature is now providing this 6 weeks program in the mornings. 


Days and time:           Tuesdays



BOOK our next available 6 weeks Home Ed. Forest School Program

These programs are devided into 6-weeks for your convenience to book but we reccommend to give your child the opportunity of at least 24 weeks (4 consecutive Programs) to fully benefit from the experience Forest School gives: helping in the development of your child's confidence, self esteem, responsibility, multiple physical skills and even improved behaviour along with healthier habits.

Please watch this presentation from the Forest School Association on Quality Forest School Benefits and Ethos (5mins): 

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June 4th, 2024

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halfterm sessions

Half- term sessions

These sessions give children the oportunity to experience the skills, activities and benefits of Forest School such as fire lighting, safe use of a variety of tools, den making, cooperative games, nature observation and conservation and more in nature in a full day, typically from 10-4pm. 


Spaces are limited; book your space in advance. 


Book our next available half-term session of Sankofa to Nature Forest School.

children building a den
summer camp

Sankofa to Nature

Forest School Summer Camp


July 2023

Mon 24th & Tue 25th.

Wed 26th & Thurs 27th.


10am- 4pm 


Children aged 6 to 14 will have a full experience of Forest School, environmental conservation, natural arts & craft, healthy cooking and nature walks/trips in the best time of the year.

Children must bring their healthy packed lunch.


BOOK Sankofa to Nature's Forest School Summer Camp July 2023.

School children on a balancing rope in the woods. Physical skills and team work.

Sankofa to Nature Programs for

Schools, Nurseries, Children's Centres &

other Educational Institutions

We offer 6 weeks programs for School Groups.


Maximum 15 children. 


Each program will see the same children attending all sessions as each involves a stepping stone of knowledge and practice.


These programs involve the participation of teacher, teacher’s assistants or institution staff competent in Child Development.


Children are awarded a Forest School Certificate of Participation in the last session and will enjoy a celebration of achievement, i.e.: “Team player”, “Perseverance”, “Problem Solver”, etc.


We strongly recommend these sessions to be off site but could also be adapted to run in your Institution’s own setting.


Discount of 10% is available when a school/institution books more than 1 program.


Contact us to book or for a free visit to your setting. 




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