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About our Education Philosophy


People learn what they live. And should live what they learn!


We all learn at different paces and triggered by different stimuli and human inherent curiosity, especially throbbing in children. 

We need imagination but most importantly we need our creativity to be alive and functioning to solve every day problems and challenges.

We need the healthiest body and mind we can preserve to function effectively and meaningfully in our environments, which often are not so healthy themselves.

We need a free flowing thinking to be able to develop a disciplined and beneficial intelligence to draw conclusions and obtain results from what our senses experience.



Sankofa to Nature recognises Nature as the provider of all those opportunities and values the Natural Classroom where learning and doing becomes one.


Nature itself offers a tailored variety of positive spurs, opportunities to explore and appreciate simplicity within complexity and viceversa, and endless possibilities to nurture awareness of self, environment and others.

Learning, as a process, happens when we can connect with the subject of study, where else than in the natural outdoors to find all the prime materials and the origin and inspiration for each human invention and thought!

There we also find the balance of peacefully still reflection and higly motivated urge to find out, do, evaluate, decide, review, rethink, reformulate, reconstruct.


Sankofa to Nature also believes that 'it takes a village to raise a child' and in the human forgotten need to teach each other regardless age and walk of life, creating in this way resourceful support, strenghtening and enlightening each other's lives and experiences by healthy interaction and combined effort. 


Natural Outdoor Learning ensures the person experiencing it will reach their maximum potential with a wholesome approach and results.


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