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February 5th, 2023 
Full Moon Winter Family Walk in partnership with Charity Nature Vibezzz

Nature Walks


Once every season, you have the opportunity to meet us and other like minded families for a walk in Nature in one of the wonderful woods/Natural Spaces in or around London.


This Nature Walk involves 2-4 hours of exploring urban or suburban hidden gems of outdoor environment full of life, knowledge sharing, storytelling, healthy snacks sharing and games in the natural surrounding.


All ages welcomed to this fully inclusive day.


Water to drink through the walk is essential in all weathers.


Dress appropriately to season:

  • A cotton layer immediate to your skin is great in all weathers: will help to absorb excess sweat and protect you from sunburns as well as keep you warm allowing the skin to breath when wearing something warmer over it in cooler weather.


Other recommendations:

  • bring slings for small children instead of pushchairs,

  • try to keep your load to one rucksack to have your hands available,

  • avoid sugary snacks which might distract the energy you will need to enjoy your walk,

  • you can bring nuts, seeds or fruits instead that will produce the opposite effect.

  • Waterproof suits for smaller children or a spare change in cold wet conditions will help you and your child enjoy the walk more.

  • use warm lining if using wellington boots in winter months.



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5th February, 2023

Full Moon Winter Family Walk in partnership with Charity Nature Vibezzz

Families Full Moon Nature Walk

Meeting Point:  Brockwell Park Car Park entrance

Time: 7.00pm


Donations suggested £5 per family

Kwanzaa Celebration
(from 26th December to 1st of January)


Celebrating Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles of Kwanzaa):


UMOJA                     Unity


KUJICHAGULIA        Self-Determination


UJIMA                       Collective Work  & Responsibility 


UJAMAA                    Cooperative Economics


NIA                             Purpose


KUUMBA                    Creativity


IMANI                         Faith


Contact us for more information about this year's Kwanzaa event.

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