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Watch a Presentation from the Forest School Association to know more about Quality Forest School and its Ethos (5 minutes):

Forest School

Benefits and concept

For young children the Outdoors is a virtual wonderland for the senses with different and incredible things for them to see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste. 

This makes Forest School an inclusive space for all abilities and great for all occasions. Participants experience the health, self-esteem & environmental awareness benefits Forest School promotes.


In Forest School we use the naturally perfect environment and have many more opportunities than in a classroom or indoors to: overcome fears and work in gaining independence in a challenging environment, promote positive feelings in a peaceful set up, have fun with the endless natural resources and exercise responsibility by awareness of nature conservation.


But most of all we can preserve and strengthen good health and wellbeing. 


Activities are linked and developed according to the National Curriculum and include “Confidence in Nature games”, tool work, lighting fires and simple bushcraft skills, crafts with natural materials, gardening, exploring the woods, walks and more.


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