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These Storytelling Bags are designed to give the family or group of friends the inspiration to tell continue stories by taking, in turns, an item from the bag. 

Each bag has a theme: "wildlife", "nature at night", "the forest", etc.

We include in the set some suggested instructions for game variations.

Game also includes blank medallions/pebbles for your child to add to your bag and inspire them to continue adding items and ideas.


Storytelling develops children's literacy (comprehension, narrative, story structure, etc), motivates creativity, it helps focus children imagination and encourages to vebalize a wide range of topics having the same emotional value as role play.

Storytelling Bags

  • Bag includes:

    - Strong handmade and handprinted canvas bag to keep your medallions/pebbles and other items you add to your game. 

    - 5 medallions/pebbles with real depictions of natural items, painted or pyrographed.

    - 2 blank medallions/pebbles.

    - Suggested instuctions for game variations.


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