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 These repurposed suits have been reconditioned and sanitized by Nature Vibezzz volunteers. By purchasing them you will help reduce waste and to raise funds for Nature Vibezzz's residential trips in nature for families.


Mint condition option: the suits are as good as new, waterproff intact and they have no stains.

Good condition: the suits waterproof quality is intact but suit might have signs of single use with no major stains.

Usable condition: waterproof quality is intact, suit have some stains from use and long term storage. 


Price varies according to condition.


Waterproof suits ideal for Forest School for most of the British year.


These suits have been donated by a South London school that was disposing of them.


ALL proceeds (except Paypal fee) will go to Nature Vibezzzz fundraising efforts to take urban families to affordable Residential Trips Experiences to spend a few days in nature , getting families closer to the English countryside, learning about its traditional trades and practicing a more natural and healthier way of living alongside other urban and local rural families.


Repurposed Waterproof Suit

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