"Know your knots" is a waterproof guide to remember and practice useful basic knots. Kit includes:- 6 waterproof cards with clear pictures of the knots, description of knot specific uses; space to draw, held together by a keyring.- 1 caribinier to practice knots and apply them to more complex ties.- 1 elder stick to practice specific knots and variations.- 2 lenghts of different colours quality paracord rope (about 2 feet each).- 1 white board marker to draw and erase learned knots and design your own.

Knots Guide Keyring / rucksack attachment

challenge knot
  • This guide is designed for children and adults (reccommended from 5 years old) to learn, practice and gain an understanding of basic knots, its application and potential uses.

    It includes very clear pictures and specific uses of 4 Basic Knots and 1 surprise Challenge Knot.

    This guide promotes understanding of knotting by encouraging to draw, analize the knots and create own variations.

    The accessories (caribinia, sample ropes, stick and whiteboard marker) help to experiment applications and encourages creative thinking.

    It can be attached to rucksack for conviniently consulting it when needed anywhere. (11cmx10cm)

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